The single most important decision you will make with us, as your Real Estate Professionals, is determining the right asking price for your property. Once you've achieved a realistic sales price, you can count on your property being professionally marketed and promoted to bring more buyers to your door. You can also expect to sell your home for the best possible price in the least amount of time.

  • Your property sells faster, because it is exposed to more qualified buyers.
  • Your home doesn't lose its "marketability."
  • The closer to market value, the higher the offers.
  • A well-priced property can generate competing offers.
  • Other Real Estate Professionals will be enthusiastic about presenting your property to buyers.

As soon as a home comes on the market, there is a flurry of activity surrounding it.This is a crucial time when Real Estate Professionals and potential buyers sit up and take notice.

Many sellers believe that if they price their home high initially, they can lower it later. However, when a home is priced too high, it often experiences little activity. Gradually the price will come down to market value, but by that time it's been for sale too long and some buyers will be wary and reject the property. On occasion, the price is then dropped below the market value because the seller runs out of time. The property sells for less than it's worth as most of those who can afford a home at your asking price will soon recognize that they can get a better value elsewhere.

In order to "predict" this, a comparative market analysis is prepared as an indicator of what today's buyers are willing to pay for a home. It compares the market activity of homes similar to yours in your neighbourhood. Those that have recently sold represent what buyers are willing to pay. The homes currently listed for sale represent the price sellers hope to obtain. And those listings that have expired were generally overpriced or poorly marketed. As your Real Estate Professional, we will prepare a comparative market analysis for your home based on the most current market information.Together, we will establish the proper list price for your home considering: Location, Size, Style, Condition, Community Amenities, Buyer Supply and Financing Options.


Your property is not something you sell every day. In fact, for many people it is their largest asset. A house is very complex to market and the process needs to be well organized. To do the job properly a plan is needed.As your Real Estate Professional, we will prepare a personalized plan for you containing all activities intended to market your property. Your property will be aggressively promoted via this Internet site, other Real Estate Professionals, the Toronto Real Estate Boards MLS® services (unless it's an exclusive listing), and mailings to potential buyers in your area.

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