The following are some of the typical costs associated with purchasing a home in Toronto.

  • Legal fees - usually begin at $650.00, plus HST, plus disbursements. A real estate lawyer will provide you with details.
  • Disbursements - for a city tax certificate, city zoning reports, city engineering report, sheriff's certificate, registry office searches, deed registration, mortgage registration, copies, postage, long-distance calls, etc.
  • Survey - (not applicable in Condominiums) If no recent survey is available, a new one will cost between $700 and $1,000. Fees for larger and recreational properties vary. You will need individual quotations on surveying any property.
  • Adjustments - These are the monies owed as prepayments for taxes, hydro, gas, fuel oil, etc.
  • Home inspection - approximately $450-$500+.
  • Arranging the mortgage - can entail an appraisal fee of about $200. You may also require an up-to-date survey to complete this.
  • The move - will depend on whether or not you choose to hire professionals.
  • Land Transfer Tax (see Taxes page)
  • Title Insurance – you should discuss this with your lawyer if you are buying a recreational or older property. Your mortgage company may require it.
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